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We are a brother and sister team out of Modesto, CA. Our focus is primarily on creating unique, affordable, and quality seasonal crafts and providing excellent customer service!

My sister, Lisa, and I (Jeremy) have always been very "crafty." We take after our mother in that sense. Today, we are lucky enough to have the Internet and forums, such as Etsy, to help us make our dreams reality. Basically, just getting our creations out into the world, knowing that something we've created is bringing people joy for the holidays or a special occasion, makes it all worth it!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well, the Ghost Kids were a major success this year on Etsy at our shop out of roughly 30 or so that we started with (pretty late in the season) we have 5 remaining. We are marking them down 50% from the original price of $30.00 to only $15.00! Get yours today and be ready for next year!


  1. Those are very cool! for a second I though they were real kids lol

  2. We were at a craft fair with them a couple of weeks ago, and it was surprising how many passersby stopped talking mid-sentence when they saw them wondering the same thing. ;-)