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We are a brother and sister team out of Modesto, CA. Our focus is primarily on creating unique, affordable, and quality seasonal crafts and providing excellent customer service!

My sister, Lisa, and I (Jeremy) have always been very "crafty." We take after our mother in that sense. Today, we are lucky enough to have the Internet and forums, such as Etsy, to help us make our dreams reality. Basically, just getting our creations out into the world, knowing that something we've created is bringing people joy for the holidays or a special occasion, makes it all worth it!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

First ArtFire Ad!

Well, we purchased our first Ad on ArtFire! It really is a great value. We paid $15.00 for two ads that will run from 11/21 at midnight until 12/19 at midnight (roughly 4 weeks).

The greatest obstacle for us right now has been driving traffic to our sites. You'd think having great products up, that you handmade would be enough. It's really not. There are so many artisans out there competing for the attention of Web surfers. The ability to click through millions of great deals and products makes it difficult to capture a potential customer's attention. Then you have ads flashing all over the place; it's just hard. So, hopefully this helps!

Here is the image we have created to use for our ad:

So, let us know what you think. Also, we would love to hear about any other promotional opportunities, such as sites you have used or services that have helped drive more traffic to your site. We are open to anything! Thanks for reading...

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