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We are a brother and sister team out of Modesto, CA. Our focus is primarily on creating unique, affordable, and quality seasonal crafts and providing excellent customer service!

My sister, Lisa, and I (Jeremy) have always been very "crafty." We take after our mother in that sense. Today, we are lucky enough to have the Internet and forums, such as Etsy, to help us make our dreams reality. Basically, just getting our creations out into the world, knowing that something we've created is bringing people joy for the holidays or a special occasion, makes it all worth it!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

In Love... with Mountain Dew!

As I type this post, from the cozy comfort of my bedroom, I am continually distracted. Three empty aluminum cans line my nightstand, just within my peripheral vision, like soldiers prepared for battle. Not so long ago, these three cans, filled with twelve fluid ounces of tropical ecstasy, served a purpose. Yet, out of personal greed, and over the course of just one or two hours, I have raided each of them. One by one, I invaded the aluminum guard as a means to quenching my desire, whilst leaving them hollow, without remorse. Now, only the recycling bin can provide them a minute glimmer of hope. Perhaps out of the three of them, one will have an opportunity at identical rebirth, bringing the same joy to another, as these have to me; highly unlikely, but still it is a possibility.

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